We continuously strive to provide great vintages from all of Spain to the US market with one sole intent: Maximum Customer Satisfaction.

We believe that Spanish wines deserve much better recognition than they presently have, and our company will work hard to accomplish that. Spanish wine production has transformed itself over the last 20 years and the results are extraordinary. Today wine-making in Spain offers the unique combination of thousands of years of tradition and experience with modern technology.

"Spain represents one of the wine world's most exciting areas, largely because it has done an outstanding job both in maintaining respect for its traditions of the past and while also looking to the future. Spanish winemakers are willing to attempt what old-timers and reactionaries would consider unorthodox, anti-establishment viticulture and winemaking techniques. The country is enjoying a qualitative revolution in cuisine, wine, and the arts. With respect to wine, many young men and women are (1) reclaiming indigenous varietals that have long been ignored or sold off to huge cooperatives to be co-mingled into anonymous blends, and (2) rediscovering areas that were once considered backwater wine regions of little interest."
-Robert Parker